Getaway for a weekend

A weekend getaway is the perfect opportunity to rest with family or friends. At the side of donkeys, live at your own pace, away from the stress of everyday life.

Escape for a weekend, family, friends, away from the stress of city life, at your own pace and that of your children even toddlers.
We entrust one of our donkeys (care, food, hugs, etc ...) for the weekend.

3 walks of 6 to 8 km possible, depending on your desire to walk

  • through the national forest, on the plateau of the Garde de Dieu where the landscape is "open" 360 ° (views of Mont Ventoux and Mount Lozère)
  • Picnic at the edge of a small river by taking a part of the "Path of the Mysteries" where elves, gnomes and other leprechauns have taken up residence ...
  • promenade on the Draille, former prehistoric road, presence of Menhirs and Petroglyphs (engraved rocks)

Practical details of weekend getaway

Appointment at 15:00 for "Initiation to travel with a donkey", followed by a walk of one hour to get to know him.
Friendly meal at the Paysanne table and night in one of our unusual accommodations.
The next day ride "" Lunch on the grass "".
End of your weekend around 17:00.

Baby equipment can be provided on request (cot, bath, etc ...)

It is advisable to take note of the list of materials needed for a getaway.

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