Stay-hiking in star

Enjoy a star stay at the Asinerie to reconnect with nature.
Discovery donkeys on the farm and hiking for 3 to 7 days unforgettable!

Finally, meet up with your family and create unforgettable shared memories!
A real "" DIGITAL DETOX "" to return to the closest to nature.

Ideal for discovering donkeys and hiking, at your own pace and that of your children or grandchildren, even small for a real family vacation.
More secure than a hike of lodging in lodging, this formula of excursion in star will allow you anyway to "travel" with our unusual accommodations, our Dry toilets and the adventure of the solar showers!

Program ideas for a star stay at the Asinerie
The little ones will thus find their "marks" and will benefit from the experience fully:
Feed the animals (donkeys, goats, ewes and chickens)
Milking the goats
Learn to curd or cheese
To collect the eggs
Walk the sheep or goats
etc ...

But adults can also:
Reading and playing (library and mini-toy library at your disposal)
Pick vegetables at the kitchen garden for cooking preparations
Participate in the preparation of evening meals (recipe exchanges and greedy hand tricks!)
etc ...

All inclusive, with 1 donkey per family, full board for a star stay of:
2 days / 3 nights
3 days / 4 nights
4 days / 5 nights or more

The prices offered do not apply to children under 3 years old.
All activities with our donkeys are free for them.

Baby equipment can be loaned to you on request (cot, bath, etc ...)
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