Badjâne Donkey Farm, a passion for donkeys brought to life

Annie was looking for a new outlook on life when she fell in love with donkeys. She then met her partner Remco, and the Badjâne Donkey Farm was born.

From costumes to donkeys

A stage costume designer, Annie’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While bravely battling her illness, she was overcome with a deep desire to transform her life.

She thus decided to up sticks and move to the Cévennes region, becoming an equestrian tourist guide.

It was by accident, through a friend, that she first came in contact with donkeys. She immediately found them endearing and curious, struck by their emotional intelligence and capacity to bring families together. She was in love.

Badjâne Donkey Farm: where it all began

2003 marked a turning point in Annie’s life when she was asked to take on a troubled teenager at her farm. The teen was accompanied by a psychosociologist from Anvers. His name was Remco Van Rousselt.

He, too, yearned to leave behind his superficial life in the city and start anew. At the time, Remco was an experienced horse rider but knew nothing about donkeys. Introduced by Annie, he also became infatuated with the floppy-eared creatures and decided to join her at the farm. They eventually got married.

Step by stop, the pair built the Badjâne Donkey Farm, in a hamlet in the Cévennes National Park. The farm grew and grew, beginning with a dozen donkeys, and nowadays numbering almost 30.

Annie and Remco take great care in assuring the health and well-being of their animals, using equestrian shiatsu, Bach flower remedies and acupressure massages.

Did you know? The name Badjâne was not chosen randomly. It comes from the word ‘Bajane’, the traditional dried chestnut from Cévennes.

The Badjâne Donkey Farm is Annie and Remco Van Rousselt’s little corner of paradise. Come and meet the family for yourself when you next visit Cévennes!


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