Badjâne Farm: How donkey breeding works

Breeding and raising donkeys is our passion! We teach them how to act around families while paying special care to their welfare. Let’s discover together donkey breeding!

Donkey breeding and raising

We love our long-eared friends. And so instead of just breeding them, we also take the time to raise them. This is a complicated, but highly rewarding, process. Raising donkeys includes familiarising them with families, and we do that without any form of physical force.

Training foals using voice commands

At the Badjâne farm, donkey foals are trained using voice commands. Each donkey knows and responds to its name. Their names are also carefully chosen; they must not be human names to avoid any misunderstanding and they must be easily distinguishable so each donkey knows who we are talking to.

On walks, all manoeuvres are ordered, with each word matching an action. The animals are not inundated with a deluge of words. The whole aim is to make them understand the link between the sound they hear and the action they perform. The tone of voice is very important too. It can be used to reassure, indicate, advise…and sometimes scold.

Careful observations and caring for the animals

We spend lots of time every day seeing how the donkeys behave with their peers. This is vital, as it allows us to understand each animal’s unique character. Similarly, this close observation helps us spot even the smallest of health problems or dip in moral.
We do all we can to make sure our donkeys are happy. Fans of alternative medicine, we practise equine shiatsu and user Bach flower remedies, particularly during weaning.

To be happy, a donkey needs calm surroundings and to feel at the centre of attention.

At the Badjâne Farm, everything is designed for their maximum comfort and well-being!


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