Badjâne Farm, where donkey milk is kept for foals

Donkey milk is currently all the rage. But here at the Badjâne Donkey Farm, we have decided not to produce any, out of respect for our animals. Here is why.

Donkey milk: outstanding, noble and sought-after

According to legend, Cleopatre bathed in donkey milk every day. Nowadays, it is used in various cosmetic products such as soaps and moisturisers, thanks to its tried-and-test beauty and skin-softening properties. Donkey milk is a luxury product due to its rarity, with only 1 litre of the 8 produced daily suitable for human consumption.

No donkey milk production: our choice

Donkey milk is often produced with respect for animals’ welfare, especially on organic farms.

However, a jenny must have a foal to start milking. Once their babies have been weaned, it is often difficult to find them a home, and they do not always live the best of lives. We don’t want that to happen at our Donkey farm.

That is why we do not produce donkey milk at the Badjâne Donkey farm. We keep it all for our little foals.

Donkey welfare is our biggest concern

At the Badjâne Donkey Farm, productivity is not our main priority. Donkey welfare always has, and always will be, one of our fundamental values.
We have no stallions on our farm, preferring to bring one in during spring.

We welcome an average of 2 foals each year. Babies stay for 10 months with their mother before being weaned. We handle the separation gently, with the help of Bach flower remedies. Once weaned, the foal stays in the herd. As for the mother, she is given time to rest and regain strength…

Treat yourself to a well-earned break at the Badjâne Donkey Farm. A haven of peace at the heart of the Cévennes region, in perfect harmony with nature.


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