Donkey hikes: re-energise yourself and your family!

Rediscover yourself through donkey hikes! Hiking with a donkey is a simple pleasure that instantly reconnects you with your family and nature.

The delight of a family trek with a donkey

In need of a relaxing break in the countryside? A donkey hike lends itself perfectly to families with one or two young children. Surrounded by people and in the natural peace and quiet, a donkey feels confident and carefree, instilling this same serene attitude in all its walking partners.

Donkeys, the family conciliator

Donkeys boast a high emotional intelligence, and have a unique capacity to bring families closer together and re-forge broken ties.
The donkey is the group bond, unifying everyone and helping them communicate with one another. A family donkey hike is a special experience that can help resolve any conflicts and reunite the clan.

Treat yourself to some quality family time through our donkey hikes

When they arrive at the farm, families are often tired and stressed from their daily life. But after two or three days of trekking with a donkey, they are left completely transformed. Both parents and children go home feeling fresh and happy, their heads full of memories that they will keep forever. The only question on their lips is when they will next be back.

Would you like to experience one of these donkey hikes for yourself? We have 5 night-time routes, and will give you a lesson before you set off to ensure you feel comfortable with the animal. We will pass on all our expert advice and tips, so you know everything about donkeys and how they work. All that remains is for you to enjoy your time together.

Make the most of the bank holiday weekend and book a stay at the Badjâne Donkey Farm. Experience for yourself the pleasure of a family donkey hike.


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