Spend your holiday in a Cheyenne tipi at the heart of the Cévennes region

Treat yourself to a stay in our Cheyenne tipi and reconnect with nature like a real native Indian.

The little history of the Cheyenne tipi

A small tent in the shape of a cone, the Cheyenne tipi was traditionally used by some North American tribes. It is easily the most ingenious shelter mankind has ever invented.

In the Lakhota tribe, the tipi and furnishings belong to the woman. It is their duty to build them from the skin of bison killed by the men of the tribe. The women had to dissect and clean the meat, and then transport it back to the camp. They built and took down the tipis; an arduous and difficult process.

Before having dogs and horses to pull their travois, it was also the woman’s job to carry the equipment and the tipis. In addition to tanning the leather and skin, women were also responsible for many other duties such as harvesting crops and fishing.

A unique night’s sleep

Staying in a Cheyenne tipi truly allows you to feel at one with nature. Although it lacks electricity, our tipi has all the comforts you need, especially thanks to its solar-powered shower. Spacious and clean, it shelters you from the cold while letting in plenty of light.

In North American shamanism, tipis were where one could find inner peace by conjuring spirits. Simply step inside and you will instantly feel this incredible energy it gives off.

The Badjâne Farm Cheyenne Tipi

Our tipi was built Annie, who is passionate about North American culture. It inspired by Cheyenne people who would use bison skin to build their tipis.
Able to sleep up to 6 people, our tipi is a magical place that sits atop a platform. The décor and the paintings make you feel part of a Cheyenne tribe holding a pow-wow gathering. Wake up cuddled under the sheets, and watch the shadows of tree leaves dance on the tipi roof as the sun makes an appearance above the horizon.

Enjoy a few revitalising days in an incredible Cheyenne tipi, the perfect accommodation for a family holiday full of peace and tranquillity.

At the Badjâne farm, the Cheyenne tipi is the star of the show, given all the respect it truly deserves. All that is missing is you!


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