A nature getaway in a magnificent Mongolian yurt

Spend your holiday in a Mongolian yurt at the heart of the Cévennes region. Become the king or queen of the hamlet and enjoy the here and now.

Yurt: unique accommodation

The Mongolian yurt first appeared approximately 2,000 years ago. It is a long tradition of nomadism that drove the Mongols to invent this very special dwelling.  Easy to put up and take down, the Mongolian yurt has no windows. Daylight enters through the Toono’s opening, the centrepiece of the home. Nowadays, despite of urbanisation, half of Mongolians still live in yurts. Comfortable accommodation in perfect harmony with nature.

Badjâne Donkey Farm: discover our Mongolian yurt!

Our Mongolian yurt comes from a small workshop in Oulan Bator. Insulated using felt made from high-altitude camel fur and tied using rope made from yack and horse hair, all its décor was handmade by Mongolian women.

It provides the perfect setting for you to focus on the present moment, sitting on a platform overlooking the hamlet and decorated with prayer flags that flutter in the wind.

With room for up to 6 people, our Mongolian yurt is equipped with two double and two single beds. It comes with all the facilities you need, including pillows, duvets, sheets, a solar-powered shower outside and dry toilets. As for meals, we all eat together in our farmer’s kitchen.

We have made the choice to ban the ‘electricity fairy’ in our accommodation, and will provide you with lanterns. In fact, there is not outdoor lighting in our hamlet. That means no light pollution, and so a beautiful starry night sky.

Are you looking for a unique family experience?  Don’t wait any longer and book your Cévennes holiday in a Mongolian yurt, available from early April to late October.

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