Our mongolian yurt

Felt isolated by camel hair altitude, surrounded by strings of horsehair yaks and horses, she comes from a small workshop in Ulaanbaatar and decorations are handmade by Mongolian women. Installed on a platform overlooking the hamlet, with prayer flags floating in the wind, you will enjoy living in the moment. This yurt can accommodate up […]

Our cheyenne’s teepee

Nomadic by nature, this accommodation perched on a platform is a pretty magical place. Decoration, paintings, invite you to take you to a Cheyenne tribe, one evening Pow-wow. Wake up, huddled under your duvet, admiring the leaves projected by transparency on canvas tipi through sunrise trees. This tipi can accommodate up to 6 people (2 […]

Our trapper’s hut

Sleeping capacity : (sleeps 4) 1 double bed, 2 single beds Discover our other unusual accommodations : Mongolian Yurt Cheyenne’s Teepee and also Country Dining

Our country dining

Evening meal We invite you to join us around our table (on the terrace in good weather) where we share our meals consisting of a variety of home-made dishes using our own ingredients or those of our neighbouring producers, mostly organic. After a regional house aperitif, you will have the following menu: starter main dish […]


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