Annie and Remco welcome you to their donkey farm, situated in the most northerly point of the Gard department, half-way between the departments of Lozère and Ardèche, nestled within a forest of pine and chesnut trees.

Firmly rooted in the hamlet of Cessénades for a number of years now, we have built up the universe of Badjâne so that you may share along with us our passion for our faithful friend, the donkey. Not only do we adore these animals, but we hope that when you meet and form relationships with them, you will see that their often ’questionable’ reputation is entirely undeserved. Our way of illustrating this to you during your time in Cévennes is by initiating you to the pleasures of hiking with one of our faithful friends.

The intensive amounts of time we spend with our donkeys means that we know each individual very well. They are all thoroughly trained in their work as hiking donkeys which means that we are able to provide you with one of them in total confidence. However, please be very aware that this is not the same as renting a bike. This is a living, breathing animal. This is why your donkey adventure must have a certain structure.


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Practical information

Asinerie Badjâne Earl
Le Blacheyral - Cessénades
30450 Malons et Elze
Tel : 00 33 (0)4 66 56 71 54