“Stubborn like a donkey”: truth or fiction?

The expression to be stubborn like a donkey is a distorted truth. In fact, the animal is highly intelligent and can teach us a lot.

Donkeys never disobey for no reason!

To be stubborn like a donkey is a common expression that gives donkeys a bad reputation. In reality, the creature is very clever and is never stubborn without cause. If it refuses to follow orders, there is a good reason for it.

A family walk with a donkey is by far the best way to see the animal’s true personality. The donkey helps teach hikers to be patient and let go. They deserve our utmost respect, especially when we consider what they do for us. A donkey weighs an average of 300 kg, and can bear this same load on its back, whereas humans can only carry a meagre 40 kg! Their physical capabilities are quite simply remarkable, and they provide us with some invaluable services.

If the donkey disobeys, the human should ask why

If a person wants to go somewhere but the donkey doesn’t, it is pointless insisting. A donkey always has a good reason to disobey. Especially if it is used to the hikers and its surroundings. In such a situation, man has a natural tendency to want to impose their will. They will pull or push the animal, or even shout. It is exactly at this moment, when the man loses control, that the donkey disobeys. It might, for example, head off in the opposite direction because it realised that the group has taken the wrong path.

So “Stubborn like a donkey”… really?

Donkeys have a very strong natural instinct. When they dig their heels in, you should ask why. In the end, the most stubborn of the two might not be the one on four legs!

At the Badjâne donkey farm, come live a unique experience with our donkeys, who will teach you about their incredible personality, but also about human relationships.


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